Quad LNB

04/07/2019 19:08

Quad LNB

Normally I find LNBs are interchangeable without problem. However with the quad LNB you have sent me, when I connect it I find either no signal or on some channels a different station to the one that should be being received. I presume the LNB is converting to a different frequency to normal. Can you explain why this is happening and what is the solution?
Also why are the outputs on the LNB labelled 'high' and 'low'. What is this referring to?
09/07/2019 08:46

Re: Quad LNB

Hello good morning.

That's because the product you have purchased is the LNB Quattro and not the Quad.

The difference would be that the Quattro lnb is usually used in community facilities because it differentiates the polarities of the localized satellite.

On the other hand, the lnb needed to give signal to 4 receivers at the same time with independent outputs would be the Quad lnb.

Do not hesitate to contact us via email to find a solution to the problem.

Thank you.

A cordial greeting.