Satellite -IPTV - Reception of regional channels satellite or IPTV

Historical evolution


With the advent of digital payment platforms in Spain in the mid- 90s , televisions autonomous in Spain began to launch its own signals (sometimes with international versions) satellite after several periods of analog broadcasts in evidence (TV3 to celebrate dyad or ETB1 in Hispasat).

Already in the middle of the last decade, in 2007 the position Astra 19.2 ° East with Hispasat at 30 ° West came to pass jointly open up eight regional channels , with the outbreak of the crisis, economic began to cease from 2010 to be gradually reduced to three today .

The most ephemeral of which certainty was Aragón TV , present in Astra from 2007-2010.

The latest satellite signals disappeared before 2015 were the Catalan TV3 and ETB, which had broadcast continuously since 2002, and the Valencian TVV closed.

However, in May 2014 Extremadura TV retransmitted after his time at Astra cheaper version via satellite through Hispasat.

The last shutdown signal, arguably the most controversial of all was decided by RTVA (Andalusian Radio Television), who announced the disappearance of Andalucía TV open both Astra and Hispasat for the January 1, 2015 , which would be available only in payment platforms cable, ADSL and own web streaming RTVA.

When generating a considerable wave of indignation reflected especially on the Internet and in the media in general, after strong pressure and popular policies, from both Andalusian provinces with older people with poor regional DTT coverage, as residents in other regions of Andalusia Spain and European countries, the signal of TV Andalusia is present again in Astra since last February 12 after a content sharing agreement with the payment platform Canal +.



Current offer satellite


Then the regional channels broadcasting lists open , all in standard definition ( SD ) to be received even with satellite receivers more basic or old range (standard DVB-S ) and parameters designed for integration into the dial of Canal + ( Vertical polarity ).




As the coverage of these satellites, Astra 1KR-1L can be received on the peninsula and the rest of Europe easily with antennas 60 cm in diameter (90cm in the Canaries) and 1.20m at the edges of the tread.

Hispasat 1E , as usual, on the peninsula issued a PIRE equivalent of receiving antennas 40 cm (75 cm in the Canary Islands), and 90cm in the margins of the beam.





IPTV Solutions


Both from their own corporate websites of regional channels and through IPTV links , you may follow the live broadcasts of most of them.

Diesl offers a wide range of satellite receivers to function IPTV whose Firwmare official is generally compatible with the most common IPTV protocols, so that the links can be entered by typing them both manually and importing lists of channels. One that offers better benefits, and which is also possible to activate subscriptions to IPTV packets of foreign channels is the Medialink Black Panther .




Fluency, picture and sound quality and relevance of these links is highly variable , so you are sure to check them previously in a device compatible with the program Videolan VLC Player or, if you have a PC with the program Simple TV .


       cone         simpletv



Below is a shown list of links , updated to February 2015, without attempting a complete comprehensiveness, displays links compatible with most IPTV receivers and a quality signal usually acceptable .








Preparing a channel list


The lists are configured in the M3U format and playlist, and follow a syntax certain structural.

After a header with # EXTM3U value, usually the information of each channel consists of two lines:



#EXTINF: 123, Eurosport


Once created the file to be saved with M3U extension , simply import it from the corresponding section of IPTV compatible receiver that is being handled.

If you have a PC running Windows , this task can be completed easily with Notepad (notepad.exe), paying attention to the extent to which the document is saved.