60cm parabolic kit Diesl.com 1 user

Product no.: 1180

60 cm parabolic kit for 1 user (LNB Single) with the best quality-price of the market.
Valid to capture Astra 19,2ºE.

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New 2605

Product no.: 2605
29.99 *
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Smartfinder wifi locator Dintel

Product no.: 4655

Dintel Smartfinder, the satellite locator compatible with your smartphone via Wi-Fi.

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80cm parabolic kit Diesl.com 1 user

Product no.: 1240

Diesl.com 80cm parabolic kit for 1 user (LNB Single) with the best quality-price of the market.

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New Meter's field Combo DVB-S2 HD Satellite Terrestrial DVB-T2

Product no.: 4665

This combo Signal Finder Meter DVB-S, DVB-T and DVB-C H D TFT-LCD screen HD (Hight quality).

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603.79 €
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HD Satellite Receiver PVR USB HDMI Dintel

HD satellite receiver Dintel, USB 2.0 with function PVR, Timeshift, DVB S2, and HDMI connection.

27.99 *

Kit 95 cm dish and LNB

Product no.: 1285

Kit with 95 cm satellite dish with all necessary to see your favorite TV channels with HD quality material.

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Take separating end TV-SAT-R 3 outputs

Product no.: 4145

Take separating end of television (TV), satellite (SAT) and radius (R)  . The decision is zinc and the plastic housing of high quality.

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Kit antenna 60 cm COMPLETE

Product no.: 1195

60cm Complete kit, the kit sat Diesl.com cheap hd Ref.KIT60ECO Connectors including gift!!

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Adjustable Monoblock LNB Dintel

Product no.: 1740

Grados.Solución adjustable monoblock LNB to take one of two satellite dish signal, adjusting the opening degree to our liking.

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Complete kit 80cm satellite dish

Product no.: 1255

80cm complete kit, the kit cheaper HD SAT Diesl.com. Ref.KIT80ECO. Gift connectors included !!!

39.99 *
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Disecq with 4 inputs and 1 output LNB

Product no.: 4195

Disecq with 4 inputs and 1 output LNB . 950-2400 MHz.Excelente frequency between quality components and low loss .

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95cm parabolic kit Diesl.com 1 user

Product no.: 1300

Diesl.com 95cm parabolic kit for 1 user (LNB Single) with the best quality-price of the market.

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Disecq lnb with 2 inputs and 1 output

Product no.: CD2X1EXT

Disecq lnb with 2 inputs and 1 output. 950-2400 MHz.Excelente frequency between quality components and low loss.

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New TV-SAT mixer

Product no.: 4205

TV-SAT mixer Lintel  with current flow to lower the signal from both antennas in one cable.

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3.50 €
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LNB bracket 40mm LH469

Product no.: 6605

Support for installation of LNB with a diameter of 40 mm with a material resistant for outdoor installation.

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Universal LNB 0.1 dB HQ Offset Dintel

Product no.: 1725

Offset Dintel universal LNB 0.1 dB HQ of noise factor with retractable protector included. High sensitivity, optimized reception.

9.99 *
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60cm Offset parabolic Diesl.com 34.8 dB - 36.8 dB

Product no.: 2115

60cm offset dish Diesl.com high quality, galvanized steel, with a gain of 34.8 dB - 36.8 dB.

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Product no.: 3150
9.99 *
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80cm satellite dish fiber Diesl.com

Product no.: 2250

Satellite dish fiberglass 80 cm offset Diesl.com with 36.7 dB gain - 38.9 dB High quality and durability.

189.99 *
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Multisatellite perforated satellite dish 85cm

Product no.: 2260

Multisatellite perforated satellite dish 85cm offset Diesl.com for several satellites, galvanized steel, with 37.6dB gain - 38.3 dB.

111.79 *
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KIT channels Frenxh TNT SAT Platform

Product no.: KIT Satélite canales Francia

Specific kit for reception of SAT French TNT channels. The Kit contains everything needed to enjoy the French TV.


180.49 *
200.52 €
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Universal 0.1 dB LNB Offset Diesl.com

Product no.: 1605
Offset universal LNB 0.1 dB Diesl.com with retractable protector included. High sensitivity, optimized reception.
3.99 *
4.75 €
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Twin Universal 0.1 dB LNB Diesl.com

Product no.: 1620

2 Twin Universal LNB to outputs Diesl.com 0.1db that noise figure with retractable protector.

9.99 *
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F adapter (H-H)

Product no.: 6120

F adapter (H-H) Bag of 10 units. Perfect for joining two lengths of cable without pulling new one.

1.99 *
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Product no.: 6115
14.99 *
24.19 €
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Parabolic 80cm offset Diesl.com 35 dB - 38 dB

Product no.: 2145

80 cm off-set dish Diesl.com high quality, galvanized steel, with a gain of 35dB  for  38dB.

21.99 *
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Parabolic L bracket SP40

Product no.: 3675

The support type dish antennas Valid for dishes L. 95-100 cm in diameter. Diesl.com SP40 Ref.

5.19 *
In stock

5-2400MHz deliveryman F 3 outputs

Product no.: 4115

5-2400MHz dealer with connections type F, 3 outputs . Low insertion loss, high isolation and perfect performance index.

3.29 *
In stock
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