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KIT Hotbird 13º and Astra 19º

Product no.: 12486

With Hotbird Astra kit you will see the orientation of Astra satellites (19º East) and Hotbird (13º East) with a single antenna.


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Coaxial cable 100 m of white copper

Product no.: 96013

Coaxial Cable 100 meter length of copper Dintel and white low-loss and high resistance.

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New Vu+ Último Receiver HD Linux up to 3 tuners

Vu+ ÚLTIMO is a receiver Linux UHD 4 K with 3 slots for tuners interchangeable Dual DVB-2/T2/C addition of memory Flash 4GB and 3GB of RAM.

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Product no.: 12514
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Coaxial coil 100m Engel

Product no.: 95992

Cable coaxial coil 19VATC White 100m.Engel. Ideal for long distances. Low attenuation. His reference is CA1900.

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New Vu+ Uno 4K Linux satellite receiver

Vu+ UNO It is a receiver Linux UHD 4 K and is equipped with an advanced and interchangeable tuning system with 4 GB of Flash and 2 GB RAM.

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Product no.: 12496
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Satfinder TDT spectrum Dintel

Product no.: 95826

The TDT Locator sound spectrum to target a TDT antenna and capture the best possible signal.

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CRISTOR ATLAS Satellite Receiver HD-200S WIFI

Digital Satellite Receiver Cristor 200-SE Atlas HD dual tuner SAT Wifi to connect two antennas on a single receiver.

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KIT satellite dish Galicia Channel

Product no.: KIT Canal Galicia

Whith the KIT Galicia Channel can view the South channel Andalusia via the Astra Satellite orientation (19,2° East) with a single antenna.

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TV-SAT mixer

Product no.: 96003

TV-SAT mixer Lintel  with current flow to lower the signal from both antennas in one cable.

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Receiver Combo satellite/DTT Ferguson Ariva 4K UHD

Combo receiver satellite/TDT Ferguson Ariva 4K UHD to receive and view satellite and DVB-t signal in the best possible picture quality.

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KIT satellite dish Channel Sud Andalucia

Product no.: KIT Canal Sur Andalucia

With KIT Channel Sur Andalucia can view the South channel Andalusia via the Astra Satellite orientation (19,2° East) with a single antenna.

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RF + FI mixer 7452 Televes

Product no.: 11607

Televes RF + FI mixer. Combiners / dividers FI signals and MATV. MATV mixer-SAT.Allow the passage of current in the line FI.

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HD Satellite Receiver PVR USB HDMI Dintel

HD satellite receiver Dintel, USB 2.0 with function PVR, Timeshift, DVB S2, and HDMI connection.

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Kit 60 economic Satellite

Kit cheap satellite dish 60 cm with the best market price. The high quality material resistant to weather.

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Universal 0.1 dB LNB Offset Diesl.com

Product no.: 12700
Offset universal LNB 0.1 dB Diesl.com with retractable protector included. High sensitivity, optimized reception.
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Receiver satellite and android Qviart Undro 2

Receiver satellite with android 4.4 Qviart undro 2. Converts your TV in a true SMART TV with multitude of applications.

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Kit antenna 60 cm COMPLETE

Product no.: KIT60ECO

60cm Complete kit, the kit sat Diesl.com cheap hd Ref.KIT60ECO Connectors including gift!!

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Take separating end TV-SAT-R 3 outputs

Product no.: 96000

Take separating end of television (TV), satellite (SAT) and radius (R)  . The decision is zinc and the plastic housing of high quality.

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Receiver satellite HD Engel RS4800W (PVR, HDMI, WiFi, USB)

Receiver satellite HD Engel RS4800W (PVR, HDMI, WiFi, USB). to play or record on external devices.

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127.04 €
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Multisatellite perforated satellite dish 85cm

Product no.: 95910

Multisatellite perforated satellite dish 85cm offset Diesl.com for several satellites, galvanized steel, with 37.6dB gain - 38.3 dB.

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Inside amplifier 1e / 3s Televes

Product no.: 11364

Amplifier inside homes MATV F connector of the brand Televes 552,240 of 1entrada and  3 Exits .

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Talcom HD500W WIFI Ethernet Integrated Satellite Receiver

Mini Talcom HD500W satellite receiver, HDMI, integrated Ethernet and WIFI connection. Ideal for installation behind the TV.

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100cm steel dish off-set orange Televes

Product no.: 11614

100cm steel dish off-set orange Televes 753,410 40.5 dB. Parabolic discs of steel and aluminum .

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Universal LNB Televes

Product no.: 11608

Range of universal LNBs low noise figure and high gain that allow capturing signals in the KU band.

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New Meter's field Combo DVB-S2 HD Satellite Terrestrial DVB-T2

Product no.: 13384

This combo Signal Finder Meter DVB-S, DVB-T and DVB-C H D TFT-LCD screen HD (Hight quality).

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603.79 €
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Product no.: HD RANGER 2

The RANGER 2 HD has the novelty of a touch screen with an excellent brightness and superior sharpness of image.

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Product no.: 95898

The DAT HD BOSS LR 790 is designed especially for areas where the reception conditions are very difficult, has more gain and directivity . 

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New Central programmable Avant 9 PRO SAT of Televés

Product no.: 11281

Avant 9 Pro-SAT Televés programmable Central for FM-VHF-MATV-UHF-UHF-UHF-FI.It has an automatic adjustment of the output signal.

363.00 € *
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