Catalogo de Soportes para Antena Parabolica

All types of metal supports for the attachment of satellite dishes of all measures for the antenna installations.

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Parabolic L bracket SP30

This Support type dish antennas L. Suitable for 50 - 60 cm in diameter. SP30 Ref.

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Parabolic L bracket SP35

The Support type dish antennas format L. Suitable for 80-85 cm in diameter. SP35 Ref.

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Parabolic L bracket SP40

The support type dish antennas Valid for dishes L. 95-100 cm in diameter. SP40 Ref.

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Parabolic L bracket SP50

Support type dish antennas L. Valid for 100-110 centimeters in diameter. SP50 Ref.

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Wall bracket Ø 40 - 500 mm for dish

Wall bracket Ø 50 - 500 mm for dish. Metallic high quality support to ensure the stability of the facility.

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antenna U-shaped support DIESL.COM SP35U

Support "U" satellite dishes 60-80cm , for folding wall and balcony, hot dip galvanized.

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Based claw 300mm / 50mm Diesl

Based claw 300mm / 50mm Diesl . Claw fixing bracket to the wall with plugs to improve its stability and security.

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Base of 500 mm / 50 mm

Base of 500 mm / 50 mm Garra Garra with fixing bracket to the wall with plugs of high quality and stability.

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Reinforced plate claw clamp

Reinforced plate claw clamp to fix the mast wall. Made of iron and rust protection by galvanizing processes.

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Support bracket with fastening lugs

The support bracket  with fastening lugs. New and renewed escudra more support and fixation.

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Enhanced mast clamp

Enhanced mast clamp. Model AP60 Width 60 mm. High quality and strength to ensure proper installation.

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Mast clamp or 80mm diameter

Mast clamp or 80mm diameter maximum support . Steel clamp to make it as strong as possible to external factors.

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Clamp AP12 / 60mm

Clamp AP12 / 60mm ø special reinforced mast. Best doblepara clamp fixing to a support a mast or similar.

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Tacos 4 metal 6X45mm bag 8mm drill

Taco cash 6mmx45mm size (8 mm drill).

Strong clamping to be more resistant to weight applied on top.

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