Variety of claws mast to adjust the mast for virtually any installation.

Galvanized steel claws more resistant to weather risks making them.

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Base of 500 mm / 50 mm

Base of 500 mm / 50 mm Garra Garra with fixing bracket to the wall with plugs of high quality and stability.

12.58 *
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Support bracket with fastening lugs

The support bracket  with fastening lugs. New and renewed escudra more support and fixation.

8.74 *
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Reinforced plate claw clamp

Reinforced plate claw clamp to fix the mast wall. Made of iron and rust protection by galvanizing processes.

9.35 *
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Enhanced mast clamp

Enhanced mast clamp. Model AP60 Width 60 mm. High quality and strength to ensure proper installation.

3.71 *
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Clamp AP10

Or maximum mast clamp diameter 70mm stand. Clamp steel to make it as strong as possible to external factors.

4.36 *
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Clamp AP12 / 60mm

Clamp AP12 / 60mm ø special reinforced mast. Best doblepara clamp fixing to a support a mast or similar.

8.24 *
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