Connection wires for satellite dishes, LNB's, receivers, satellite TV, Freeview and switching equipment accessories.

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Coaxial coil 10m

Coil Cable Coax 10m color white , ideal for short distances, with quality control Axil high quality

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Coaxial coil 25m CA0728E

25 m coil of coaxial cable, type 19VATC. Blanco.Ideal color for medium distances .

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New 3255

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White antenna cable 1,5m IEC Male/ IEC Female Dintel

Cable coaxial antenna 1.5 m shielded connectors white male and female ends. The best price of market.

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PLV Expositor lintel products

PLV Expositor of lintel products  for all types of satellite dishes, selling specialized ideal for your store.

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