Kit 80 cm dish and LNB

Kit 80 cm dish and LNB

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Kit with 80 cm satellite dish with all necessary to see your favorite TV channels with HD quality material.

The material of the antenna is corrosive and that makes it more resistant to weather and greater long product life, high quality LNB to receive all satellite signal with the highest quality HD and noise factor 0, 1 dB.

The LNB with the material of the highest quality with a 0.1 dB noise to RECEIVE signal in HD quality factor.

Play your movies, videos, pictures and music stored on external storage devices or record your favorite TV content in them. Simply plug your hard drive or USB memory and relax.


The kit includes:


80 cm parabolic single universal LNB 0.1dB.

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Universal 0.1 dB LNB Offset
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80cm Offset parabolic
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