Universal LNB 0.1 dB HQ Offset Dintel

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Offset Dintel HQ universal LNB 0.1 dB of noise factor with retractable protector included. High sensitivity, optimized reception.

It provides optimized reception capabilities to support growth high-definition broadcasts multi-satellite across Europe. (Test  It allows signal reception from a satellite and its distribution to a single tuner. It is ready for High Definition transmissions and provides excellent noise figure. Thanks to its retractable protector, connections will always be safe when handling.


Technical characteristics

Input frequency: Low band: 10.7-11.7 GHz, High Band: 11.7-12.75 GHz.

LO Frequency Low Band: 9.75 GHz, High band: 10.6 Ghz.

Noise factor: 0.1 dB.

Conversion Gain: 52-62 dB.

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