Satellite - IPTV - Reception of Scandinavian channels miracast

Satellite - IPTV - Reception of Scandinavian channels miracast



► Introduction

* Strictly speaking, countries that originally integrate Scandinavia are just three: Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

However, a wider and more usual sense of the term, concludes from the common origin of languages ​​and the use of Scandinavian cross flag, also Denmark, Finland and Iceland, plus Faroe Islands, Åland, Shetland Islands, Orkney Islands, Bornholm etc).



* Made this qualification, according to official statistics from the INE, the population resident in Spain originating from those countries to December 31, 2014 exceeded the total of just 64,000 people, who thanks to broadband (and not just to the satellite) every time are more likely to access TV channels and Scandinavian radio.

Since the beginning of the massive transmission of satellite channels (analog and then digital), expatriates from Nordic countries (and ultimately the British) they have always had difficulty receiving TV channels in their own language.

However, thanks to the Internet, the latest in multimedia devices for home and some expertise, it is possible to overcome some of these barriers, imposed again under pressure from the film majors, the zeal of many governments to ensure that only taxpayers can access public services (with interesting paradoxes), the commercial interests of payment platforms in each country, as in the recent case of the former Canal + Spain (now Movistar +) Andalusia TV, convince the public operators with economic arguments and reach agreements in exchange for encrypted transmission and exchange content in return, etc.

* As is known, according to Spanish law, the infringement of copyright for profit without the consent of the owners is a crime, that this document neither advocates nor in any case intended to promote it is merely a technical document primarily with experimental character of each user, as with many other Internet resources, you should make an ethically responsible use.



► Panorama satellite

* Long before payment platform BSkyB give the step of creating Sky Digital (almost Kirchmedia while in Germany with Premiere and DF1) and establish the position Astra 28.2 ° East with turning off their analog repeaters 2A at 19.2 ° East, West and had 0.8º service Thor 1-3 (Norwegian operator Telenor) with traces very restricted to Scandinavia. Earlier, the German satellite DFS Kopernikus 2 replaced by the Astra 2A, is also designed with a very narrow footprint.

blue green

Except for encrypted (and very violated) channels that were available at 19.2 ° East in the mid-90s in the semi-standard D2-MAC digital transition under Eurocrypt M (ancestor of the Viaccess encryption), some digital captioning services Swedish and open (formerly Travel Channel) and some stations scattered radio, for many years, receiving Nordic air channels in Central Europe and South was mission impossible.     

* Unfortunately, the situation has not changed much at present to 0.8 ° West position occupied by the Thor 5/6/7 system, whose tracks T1, K1 and EEC resemble each other, focusing on the Scandinavian peninsula and with few variations in outline.



* In order to clarify the methodology of this document will not consider Air Channels mentioning the religious court issued in English from these countries aimed at audiences abroad and some thematic (eg Engine Canal from Norway ).

► Streaming Services (PC, Mac and mirroring)

* By collecting valid for access signals streaming TV channel links of these countries, restrictions by geoblocking reduce apparently interesting possibilities of the Internet as a solution to the lack of satellite coverage.

This applies to the surprise supposed lack of access to the Finnish public TV (YLE) or Icelandic UVR.




In contrast, private channels not present major difficulties, the local content issue and very often with religious themes.

* Like many other countries, the links can be found from the Free TV section -> Europe web, requiring even navigate to another page (the official TV channel in particular) from which launch playback of the live signal (see monographs on Central and South America for details).

They can reproduce well on a personal computer, smartphone or tablet, so that then can send the signal to a TV using miracast being Chromecast (of Google) similar option even more versatile.

► public official Web TV and my in detail



* The massive growth in the use of Internet and the globalization of communications in principle should facilitate access to all types of multimedia content.

However, there still considerable demand for expatriate niche with unmet preferences in the European audiovisual market, public corporations Scandinavian TV, among others, have been forced to limit the geographic scope of their services, satellite and the Internet, the reasons listed earlier in this document and despite the dissatisfaction of the European Commission in this regard.

* In this situation, one method, more collaborative than criminal, used by viewers is the use of virtual private networks (VPN), consisting in providing national identities of the sailors through free tools (for example, Hola a Internet better complement browsers available as app for smartphones) and thus avoid geoblocking controls to navigate.

* Diffusers, meanwhile, aware of the phenomenon, identify ever better use of these techniques, used for illustrative purposes to develop the table shown above, and which gives an idea of ​​the shield to which they are subject (in the spring of this year the situation was more favorable), and can naturally harden in the future.

* In short, after many hours of testing, installations and reconfigurations, include the following:

- Both the app and web versions seem to be inspired by the BBC iPlayer, a pioneer service in Europe.

- The transmission signal of the live TV channels via Internet was possible in 100% of cases.

- Luckily, programs already issued (file) and domestically produced themselves were often available, usually (except RÚV Iceland) with embedded captioning service or activated in the tool.

- In some app (as DR TV), the search function AZ of programs in the file allows you to filter results to see specific content accessible outside the country.  

- As curiosities, DR TV (Denmark) allowed the reproduction of a live program on DR 1 (live streaming), but start watching it from the beginning.

Below are shown several catches process tests and some of the results obtained.




► Subscription to SVT World

* The Swedish company Connova distributes equipment and fertilizer to the international service of the Swedish public television SVT World, which broadcasts to Europe Cryptoguard encrypted in the system (up to 2012 Viaccess used vulnerable versions 2.x) through this 9th position ( Eutelsat 9A), whose reception in Spain is possible with antennas 60-80 cm in diameter on the peninsula and 1.10 m in the Canaries.

* The frequency is 11919 GHz, Vertical polarity, SR 27500, FEC 3/4 in QPSK DVB-S (SD format).

* For example, the payment of 12 months (including activation) costs 1838 SKR (194 euros).



Along with subscriptions to British channels, IPTV packages, often including specific receptors they have a remarkable demand among medium-high expatriate residents in coastal areas of Spain, with annual subscription price of around 130 euros for a 25 acquisitive level Scandinavian channels.

Besides its provisional validity, IPTV using blogs links posted periodically for use in compatible receivers has the disadvantage that the lists are incomplete, and the image quality is variable.

However, a sample list with links to Swedish channels, cross-platform compatible with the VLC player (PC-MAC-Android-iOS) and offers whose validity can be seen in


► Using the Engel miracast

* Available in the store and requires Diesl:

- 1 HDMI port and one free USB port on your TV, for viewing and 5V, respectively.

- If you do not have the latter, usually served any charger with micro USB plug.



- Operating system Android, and at least version 4.2.2 for mirroring function.

* After turning on the TV, if the connection is correct, the red LED will light indicating that the miracast receiving power.


* The smartphone or tablet must be connected to your home Wi-Fi network and have at least Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean). This can be seen navigating the Settings menu -> About phone -> Android version.

* The next step is to navigate to Settings -> Wireless -> More settings (the path may vary) to find the Screen Mirroring option where miracast Engel appears with your specified model. When selected, once connected, the Android device show a similar appearance to the next.


It is noted that in the upper right corner, to the left of the clock and the battery symbol appears, the usual icon indicating connection to a wireless network and another indicating links with Engel miracast for mirroring function.

That is, in this case the tablet shows what is displayed and hear such in the TV.

* Another of the most common devices of this type is the Google Chromecast, which performs the same functions (not just Android devices but also iOS) and even more advanced and provides constant updates but at a price significantly higher.

* After setting the Chromecast by application available for free in Play Store (or Apple Store), the mirroring function can be activated from the same app.


* In case of incompatibility to activate this feature for problems of Android version (as seen before with the Engel miracast), it is possible to carry out the sending of streaming using other free app as Web Video Caster, or from a PC / Mac using the Chrome browser extension and mirroring Chromecast to the web to be visited.