If you need to install an antenna in this section for TDT meters to capture the best signal, satellite locators to guide compasses and satellite dishes. An essential first step to achieve the best possible TV reception.

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satellite compass Dintel

Resistant to almost all the kinds of bumps and can fold to have a smaller size the compass.

7.50 *
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Digital satellite locator dimming Dintel

The Satellite Locator with attenuation frequency range 950-2150 MHz and voltage of 13-18 V.

9.99 *
In stock

Satellite Locator with digital sound Dintel

This Satellite Locator sound to guide a satellite dish to the desired satellite more easily.

19.99 *
In stock

Smartfinder wifi locator Dintel

Dintel Smartfinder, the satellite locator compatible with your smartphone via Wi-Fi.

24.99 *
In stock

Set of Compass + satfinder to orient the parabolic

Kit composed by a compass and a locator satfinder with the purpose of help you to orient the antenna dish.

11.99 *
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