Wires and connectors are essential to achieve a proper fit. Are the elements for which the signal passes from one computer to another, so that a bad connection or a bad cable can cause noise and interference. It is worth investing in good quality items to make the most of the other devices. Here are the best. It is important a good connection between them to get the maximum performance and viewing quality.

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Waterproof rubber connectors F

Product no.: 11836

F connectors waterproof rubber is also suitable for RG 6. Ideal to protect your connectors F weather.

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Product no.: 51869
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connector F male 10 units

Product no.: 6105

"F" connector metal screw (6.5mm). Satellite connection. It supplied in bags of 10 units.

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F connector 25 Units Exchange

Product no.: 6110

"F" connector metallic thread (6.5mm). Satellite connection.

It supplied in bags of 25 units.

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Product no.: 6115
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F adapter (H-H)

Product no.: 6120

F adapter (H-H) Bag of 10 units. Perfect for joining two lengths of cable without pulling new one.

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F Adapter IEC male connector

Product no.: 6160

F angle adapter with 90 °  Dintel and IEC male connector on the other end of 9.5 millimeters in diameter.

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Product no.: 6135

Adapter IEC male connector F Dintel with 9.5 mm copper quality with wide neck.

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F adapter plug with coaxial jack

Product no.: 6140

F adapter plug Dintel  with the option to adapt at the other end an IEC connector as if it were a decision.

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F adapter quick connector IEC

Product no.: 6145

F connector adapter quick Lintel with IEC 9.5 mm in diameter .Perfecto for connecting a junction with the outlet.

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90 ° F quick connector angular

Product no.: 6175

The F connector 90 ° angular quick Dintel  to connect connectors F in totally confined spaces.

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Product no.: 6170
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F connector F connector

Product no.: 6130

Dintel F connector at one end of the connector and at the other end another connector F. Perfect for outdoor installations.

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Product no.: 67319
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Product no.: 61651
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F quick connector

Product no.: 6125

Dintel fast F connector . Perfect for a comfortable and fast connection without screw the F connector on the tuner receiver.

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Double connector U-shaped F

Product no.: 6180

F connector double U - shaped Dintel . For connecting two coaxial cables in manholes or watertight.

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Terminator 75Ohm

Product no.: 11008

Satellite terminator 75 Ohm for wall sockets up to 2400 MHz 

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75 Ohm loads F

Product no.: 6150

Bag 10 75 Ohm loads Dintel  uninsulated your connection type will be made ​​the same way as a connector F.

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Connector angle female

Product no.: 6185

Connector angle of antenna female Dintel, for cable coaxial. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor facilities.

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Connector angle male

Product no.: 6190

Connector angle of antenna male Dintel, for cable coaxial. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor facilities.

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The EASY F connector

Product no.: 11012

The EASY F connector  Televes guarantees the highest quality connectorization equipment and systems,

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Product no.: 95855
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Product no.: 11503
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Product no.: 11535
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IEC straight female connector Televes

Product no.: 4303

IEC straight female connector Televes high quality for TV connection white and metallic connector.

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