Satellite Locator with sound Dintel

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This SatFinder sound locator to the desired target a parabolic satellite dish more easier.

Locator sat finder with sound to guide a satellite dish to the desired satellite more easily.


As is adjusting the orientation of the satellite the SatFinder gives more intensity and arrow up easily being so totally recommended for someone who has never ridden a satellite dish product.


One of the entries locator is to connect the LNB and to capture the satellite signal oriented.


The other input is used to connect the receiver to make the search more easily before connecting the cable to the LNB directly.


This fact resistant to a possible fall resisitir thus lengthening the useful life of more this tool plastic.


Technical characteristics

  • DC pass to LNB.
  • Input frequency: 950-2150 MHz.
  • Supply voltage: 13-18V.
  • Max input level: -10dBm.
  • Minimum input level: -40dBm.
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